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The Enterprise Information Management Institute (EIMInstitute) was started in 2007 and was designed to meet a glaring need in the information technology community.  Its free monthly magazine (EIMInsight) is distributed to a readership of over 30,000 opt in subscribers and drives over 40,000 unique visitors to the EIMI website during each new issue publication month.  The articles are written by the best and brightest in the industry including David Marco, Sid Adelman, Larissa Moss, Bill Inmon, Len Silverston, Mike Jennings, Anne Marie Smith and a host of others that contribute regularly.  It covers new technologies, industry trends, and proven best practices all under the umbrella of enterprise information management.

The Enterprise Information Management Institute presents a multitude of options when considering how to best reach your target market.  Your company can reach a broad range of visitors by purchasing a banner ad on the home page, library pages or on the monthly EIMInsight Magazine that is distributed to over 30,000 subscribers.  Or you could target a very specific group of individuals by purchasing a banner ad in one of our research portals.  Finally, you can completely customize your message and reach all of the 30,000+ opt in subscribers by sending a dedicated email burst to the entire subscriber base.

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