Data Governance & Stewardship

Data governance – the process organizations use to manage the quality, consistency, usability, security and availability of data is a critical subject and is becoming increasingly important to companies large and small. Stewardship is the role that implements governance practices, and many organizations are learning that they must create and maintain stewards in data and process and technologies for managing a successful 21st century IT environment. The Data Governance and Stewardship Portal is your entrance to this new and growing field, so look here for articles, white papers and other resources to help you create and maintain your governance practices and stewardship roles.

Data Governance Maturity – An Overview
Generally, governance is a long-term strategic initiative, but data governance can also deliver short-term, tactical benefits. The need for both strategic and tactical approaches to data governance contributes to an organization’s confusion on where to begin. Many organizations have struggled with understanding the need for understanding their data, although data is one of an organization’s critical assets.
Data Governance and Stewardship in Enterprise Data Management
Data governance. What is it? Why is it important? What is the relationship between governance and stewardship? Does enterprise data management need data governance? These questions, and others, are asked and answered daily by individuals and organizations that are searching for a way to address the need to understand and use their data more effectively and provide greater accountability for the capture, storage and usage of data. Governance and stewardship are critical subjects that all organizations should start to examine before they discover that their data is uncontrollable.
Deborah Poindexter: Meta Data Driven Enterprise Data Management – Future or Fantasy?
Is your data out of control? Is your enterprise data management fragmented and inconsistent? Are you unable to answer these questions? If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, then Enterprise Data Management may be a discipline you should investigate. Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is continually gaining acceptance as a critical function of IT, since data is the foundation of all business decisions.
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