Data Strategy

Written by: Sid Adelman, Larissa Moss and Majid Abai

data-strategy-book-coverYou can no longer manage enterprise data “piecemeal.” To maximize the business value of your data assets, you must define a coherent, enterprise-wide data strategy that reflects all the ways you capture, store, manage, and use information.

In this book, three renowned data management experts walk you through creating the optimal data strategy for your organization. Using their proven techniques, you can reduce hardware and maintenance costs, and rein in out-of-control data spending. You can build new systems with less risk, higher quality, and improve data access. Best of all, you can learn how to integrate new applications that support your key business objectives.                        

Drawing on real enterprise case studies and proven best practices, the author team covers everything from goal-setting through managing security and performance. You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the real risks and bottlenecks you face in delivering data – and the right solutions
  • Integrate enterprise data and improve its quality, so it can be used more widely and effectively
  • Systematically secure enterprise data and protect customer privacy
  • Model data more effectively and take full advantage of metadata
  • Choose the DBMS and data storage products that fit best into your overall plan
  • Smoothly accommodate new Business Intelligence (BI) and unstructured data appplications
  • Improve the performance of your enterprise database applications
  • Revamp your organization to streamline day-to-day data management and reduce cost
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