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The Enterprise Information Management Institute (EIMI)'s purpose is to provide data management professionals with the most comprehensive knowledge portal and access to the industry's most respected thought leaders on managing enterprise information assets. EIMI features a monthly electronic magazine, EIMInsight, including regular monthly columns by David Marco, John Zachman, Sid Adelman, Len Silverston, Anne Marie Smith, Larrisa Moss, Mike Jennings, and Richard Wang, with contributions by Bill Inmon. In addition, EIMI will premier a series of knowledge portals in areas such as meta data management, enterprise architecture, data quality, data governance and master data management. As EIMI matures and progresses it will add forums, vendor areas and more.

Subscribe to EIMInsight Magazine by cklima — last modified 2007-08-14 21:03
Subscribing to the EIMInsight Magazine will allow you to receive the monthly magazine comprised of articles by the best and brightest in the industry such as David Marco, Sid Adelman, John Zachman, Bill Inmon, Larissa Moss, Len Silverston, Mike Jennings and many others. It will also give you access into the research vaults of the website where you will be able to find the answers to your most pressing Enterprise Information Management related questions.
Executive Team by sgroenendal — last modified 2008-06-10 08:03
EIMInstitute’s editorial staff manages the content and direction of the EIMInstitute and EIMInsight Magazine. They come from diverse backgrounds but have a singular focus: making EIMInstitute and EIMInsight the best in the business. All are dedicated to directing this ground breaking effort and maximizing its industry impact.
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