Volume 2, Issue 3 - June 2008 Edition

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“What’s In YOUR Data Architecture?” Part Two
By Mark Mosley

A popular credit card commercial asks, “What’s in YOUR wallet?” I’ve been asking a similar question of data architects at several different organizations – “What’s in YOUR data architecture?” In Part One of this article, I rephrased this question more precisely to be, “What specification artifacts should be in your target enterprise data architecture?” and identified three major categories of enterprise data architecture artifacts.

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I recently host edited an issue of the Cutter IT Journal (Vol. 21, No. 4, April 2008), a magazine that publishes debates on controversial issues. As I was thinking of a topic, I thought what could be more controversial than asking the question whether business intelligence (BI) should always be done based on a data warehouse (DW) or if BI can be done directly against operational source data without a DW. My lead into this topic included the following arguments for both camps:

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Leaders in many corporations have struggled with effectively leveraging analytics to improve their business and bottom line. Often times in those same organizations the concepts of data warehousing and analytics get a bad rap. These same organizations typically have information starved managers and senior managers who are dealing with inefficiencies, high customer demands, and pressures from executives to drive down costs.

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Letter From The Editor

The June issue of EIMInsight Magazine features articles on a variety of timely Enterprise Information Management topics. Larissa Moss challenges us to consider the controversial question, whether business intelligence should always be done based on a data warehouse or can BI be done directly against operational source data?  Bruce Johnson discusses leveraging analytics to improve business and bottom line outcomes, while Anne Marie Smith addresses EIM as the fulcrum around which organizations can manage information resources holistically for business and technology.  Lastly, Mark Mosley further explores, “What’s in YOUR data architecture” in part 2 of his 3 part series.

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