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Meta Data Management
As information technology becomes more complex and the need for data integration becomes more imperative, organizations require the ability to manage the meta data for each application / environment and subject area. Since meta data is information about data and gives meaning to data, meta data management is a critical component to any successful organization’s information technology competency. The Meta Data Portal will enable you to remain informed about the current trends in environments, repositories, ontologies and taxonomies, and will give you insight into best practices for meta data management across the enterprise with excellent columns, articles and white papers.
Enterprise Architecture
The rapid pace of technological change and adaptation makes it essential that all IT professionals understand the concepts and practices of Enterprise Architecture. Enterprise architecture is the practice of applying a comprehensive and rigorous method for describing a current and/or future structure and behavior for an organization’s processes and information systems, so that they align with the organization’s core goals and strategic direction. In the Enterprise Architecture Portal, you will find the best resources to aid you in designing and managing enterprise architectures in information management. Discover topical articles, explore our white paper library, participate in discussion forums, and learn about information technology for the 21st century enterprise.
Data Warehousing
Data warehousing is a term that is used frequently but many people in information technology don’t grasp the importance of this environment to the success of their decision-making processes. As the storage and access facility of an organization’s historical record of decision-related data, data warehouses contribute to the advancement of business intelligence and improved decision-making. Strategic data warehouses provide a way for organizations to collect, store, relate and disseminate critical historical data for business intelligence purposes. The Data Warehousing Portal can serve as your entrance to the fascinating and challenging world of this powerful set of technologies, practices and data. This portal contains articles, white papers, discussion forums and other resources about data warehousing and business intelligence.
Data Governance & Stewardship
Data governance – the process organizations use to manage the quality, consistency, usability, security and availability of data is a critical subject and is becoming increasingly important to companies large and small. Stewardship is the role that implements governance practices, and many organizations are learning that they must create and maintain stewards in data and process and technologies for managing a successful 21st century IT environment. The Data Governance and Stewardship Portal is your entrance to this new and growing field, so look here for articles, white papers and other resources to help you create and maintain your governance practices and stewardship roles.
Data Quality
Inaccurate or inconsistent data can cause a company to make poor decisions that could be reflected in reduced earnings, increased expenditures and overall poor performance. The purpose of a data quality effort is to improve and maintain the completeness, consistency and usability of an organization’s data. Data is considered high quality if it fits the intended uses and if it is correctly represented. Companies often cannot rely on the information that serves as the very foundation of their primary business applications, diminishing the value of this critical asset. It is imperative that organizations pay close attention to data quality, and the Data Quality Portal is the place to begin your exploration of this important topic. Read our cogent articles, use our white papers for your data quality research and explore the books and other resources you will find in this portal.
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