Bill Inmon

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The Father of Data Warehousing

Bill Inmon, the father of the data warehouse concept, the corporate information factory, and the government information factory has written 47 books on data warehouse, data base, and information technology management. His publishers include John Wiley, Prentice-Hall, and QED. His books have been translated into nine languages.  More than thirty of his books have been book club selections. In addition Bill has written over 750 articles for trade journals such as Data Management Review, Byte, Datamation, ComputerWorld, and many others.  Currently Bill has a newsletter with that reaches 55,000 people.

Bill founded Inmon Data Systems, a company that reads and manages unstructured data – emails, telephone transcripts, documents – and processes them for inclusion into a structured data warehouse. In addition IDS creates visualizations for unstructured data. IDS has technology that crosses the bridge between unstructured data and structured data, currently protected by seven patents.

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