Data Management and Data Governance Consulting Services and Solutions

All organizations, regardless of industry or size, need to manage data and information as assets.  Most organizations cannot do this themselves successfully at the start, and often they do not know how to establish a data strategy, an enterprise data management program, a data governance team, build data literacy or how to identify and manage metadata – the data’s context and meaning. 

EWSolutions is a full service data management consulting service, with deep experience in all areas of data management, from strategy, to design, to program implementation, through sustainment / maintenance of any data management initiative.  EWSolutions focuses on delivering success in data management, data governance, data literacy and has proven capabilities in many industries and government agencies / departments.

EWSolutions services and solutions cover all aspects of data management consulting, including data strategy (, data governance, metadata management solutions, data warehousing / business intelligence / analytics services and solutions.

In addition to these consulting services, EWSolutions offers a wide variety of data management products, including field-proven methodologies for data governance, metadata management, and data warehousing / business intelligence.

EWSolutions has developed industry-specific data warehouse data models to accelerate development of enterprise data warehouse and business intelligence environments.

EWSolutions’ Data Models dramatically increase your organization’s ability to implement a data warehousing, data integration, or metadata management solution rapidly, by reducing the amount of time required for data architecture and data modeling by over 86%.

Data Governance and Data Management Assessment

Just as a person periodically visits a doctor to measure health progress or examine conditions for treatment, an assessment can help an organization measure its growth and maturity in an area or prepare the organization for a new effort.  Many organizations, in every industry, request an assessment to determine the current state of their data management efforts.  EWSolutions offers services in assessment that are appropriate for any organization, regardless of industry or size

Knowing the current state of the various components of data/information management makes it possible for an organization to understand its challenges and strengths in each area of data management.  Knowing what areas need improvement gives the organization the opportunity to develop implementation plans that will enable the enterprise to chart a course for staged, incremental improvement in each data management domain.

EWSolutions data management assessment

EWSolutions conducts assessments and maturity reviews as a leader in the enterprise information management industry with some of the most experienced and best-known consultants on staff.  EWSolutions can perform the assessment, present the results, outline a growth / implementation plan for all recommendations, and lead / participate in the execution of the plan with the support of internal staff.

Data Governance, Data Literacy and Data Management Education, Certification and Training

EWSolutions follows a widely accepted model for all education strategy and course development efforts, centered on the established practices in instructional design (ID).  Since our inception in 1997, we have focused our education / training strategy and course development processes on these best practices in instructional design and adult education, using proven methods for learning and knowledge retention for data governance, data stewardship, data management, metadata management and data literacy.

EWSolutions and are focused entirely on providing best-in-class training and professional development for enterprise data management.  Courses are delivered online and on-demand, or through live virtual sessions in data literacy, data stewardship, metadata management, data warehousing/business intelligence (DW/BI), managed metadata environment (MME), enterprise data architecture, master data management, data quality, and data governance.

Alt tag – Data Governance, Data Literacy and Data Management Education, Certification and Training

All EWSolutions’ and courses are certified, and successful completion includes Continuing Education Units / Professional Development Units (CEU / PDU).  These credits can be applied to appropriate certifications, e.g., Project Management Institute PMP©; TDWI’s CBIP©, and other professional certifications.

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