Executive Team

EIMInstitute’s editorial staff manages the content and direction of the EIMInstitute and EIMInsight Magazine. They come from diverse backgrounds but have a singular focus: making EIMInstitute and EIMInsight the best in the business. All are dedicated to directing this ground breaking effort and maximizing its industry impact.


melinda-kollrossMelinda Kollross – Executive Editor

Melinda is the Executive Editor for EIMInsight Magazine.  She is also responsible for editing all of the content that appears on the EIMInstitute website.  Kollross has written extensively on a number of topics and these articles have been widely reviewed and excerpted in various legal publications.




Cindy Klima – Editor

Cindy Klima is the Editor of the EIMInsight Magazine. She is responsible for the content that appears in this magazine as well as acquiring and editing articles from industry experts. 

Cindy has over 20 years of marketing and communications experience.

Advisory Board

As part of our effort to continually improve the EIMInstitute we have formed an advisory board. The purpose of this board is to ensure that the EIMInstitute is serving both our readers as well as our contributors effectively. The board with drive new content and features to the site as well as the future direction of the institute.

david-marco-croppedDavid Marco – Chairman

Mr. Marco is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of data warehousing, enterprise architecture and business intelligence, and is the world’s foremost authority on meta data. He is the author of the widely acclaimed books “Universal Meta Data Models” (John Wiley & Sons) and “Building and Managing the Meta Data Repository” (John Wiley & Sons). These groundbreaking books have been broadly endorsed by many of the largest software companies in the industry and by several major magazines. In addition, he is a coauthor of “Impossible Data Warehouse Situations and Solutions From The Experts” (Addison-Wesley) and “Data Resource Management” (DAMA). Mr. Marco has published hundreds of articles, is a regular columnist for several technology magazines and has served as a judge in dozens of industry awards. In addition, in 2004 Mr. Marco was selected to the very prestigious Crain’s Chicago Business “Top 40 Under 40”.

Mr. Marco is a highly sought after speaker and has presented over 100 keynote addresses and courses at the major business, data warehousing, and meta data conferences throughout the world. Mr. Marco has taught at the University of Chicago and DePaul University, and is on the Advisory Council for DePaul University’s College of Commerce. In addition, he is the founder and President of EWSolutions, a GSA schedule and Chicago-headquartered strategic partner and systems integrator dedicated to providing companies and large government agencies with best-in-class knowledge-based solutions using enterprise architecture, data warehousing, and managed meta data environment technologies. He may be reached at (866) EWS-1100 or via email at DMarco@EWSolutions.com

larissa-mossLarissa Moss – Executive Member

Larissa is president of Method Focus Inc., a company specializing in improving the quality of business information systems. She has 26 years of IT experience, with a focus on data warehousing for the past 18 years. She frequently speaks at conferences worldwide on the topics of data warehousing, business intelligence, project management, development methodologies, and other information asset management topics, such as enterprise architecture, data integration, and information quality.

In 1991 she self-published her first methodology RSDM 2000, Relational System Development Methodology, Volumes I & II. Since then, she co-authored the books Data Warehouse Project Management, Impossible Data Warehouse Situations, Business Intelligence Roadmap, and Data Strategy. Her articles are frequently published in DM Review, Teradata Magazine, TDWI Journal of Data Warehousing, TDWI Flash Point and the Cutter IT Journal. Her white papers include Organizational and Cultural Barriers to Business Intelligence, Developing BI Decision-Support Applications: Not Business As Usual, Data Quality is Not Optional, and The Importance of Data Modeling as a Foundation for Business Insight.

Her present and past associations include Friends of NCR-Teradata, the IBM Gold Group, the Cutter Consortium, DAMA Los Angeles University of California Polytechnic University Pomona, and has been lecturing for TDWI, DCI, PESG, MIS Training Institute, and the Cutter Consortium. She can be reached at methodfocus@earthlink.net.

john-zachmanJohn A. Zachman – Executive Member

John is the originator of the “Framework for Enterprise Architecture” which has received broad acceptance around the world as an integrative framework, or “periodic  table”  of descriptive representations for Enterprises.  Mr. Zachman is not only known for this work on Enterprise Architecture, but is also known for his early contributions to IBM’s Information Strategy methodology (Business Systems Planning) as well as to their Executive team planning techniques (Intensive Planning).

Mr. Zachman retired from IBM in 1990, having served them for 26 years.  He presently is Chairman of the Board of Zachman Framework Associates, a worldwide consortium managing conformance to the Zachman Framework principles. He is Chief Executive Officer of the Zachman Institute for Framework Advancement (ZIFA), an organization dedicated to advancing the conceptual and implementation states of the art in Enterprise Architecture.  He also operates his own education and consulting business, Zachman International.

Mr. Zachman serves on the Executive Council for Information Management and Technology (ECIMT) of the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO).  He is a Fellow for the College of Business Administration of the University of North Texas. He serves on the Advisory Board for the Data Resource Management Program at the University of Washington and on the Advisory Board of the Data Administration Management Association International (DAMA-I) from whom he was awarded the 2002 Lifetime Achievement Award. He was awarded the 2004 Oakland University, Applied Technology in Business (ATIB), Award for IS Excellence and Innovation.

Mr. Zachman has been focusing on Enterprise Architecture since 1970 and has written extensively on the subject.  He is the author of the book, “The Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture: A Primer on Enterprise Engineering and Manufacturing.” He has facilitated innumerable executive team planning sessions.  He travels nationally and internationally, teaching and consulting, and is a popular conference speaker, known for his motivating messages on Enterprise Architecture issues.  He has spoken to many thousands of enterprise managers and information professionals on every continent.

Prior to joining IBM, Mr. Zachman served as a line officer in the United States Navy and is a retired Commander in the U. S. Naval Reserve.  He chaired a panel on “Planning, Development and Maintenance Tools and Methods Integration”  for the U. S. National Institute of Standards and Technology.  He holds a degree in Chemistry from Northwestern University, has taught at Tufts University, has served on the Board of Councilors for the School of Library and Information Management at the University of Southern California, as a Special Advisor to the School of Library and Information Management at Emporia State University, and on the Advisory Council to the School of Library and Information Management at Dominican University.

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