Volumn 4, Issue 4 - October 2010

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A pilot/prototype project is the most effective way to gain support, endorsement, and funding for data warehouse/analytic efforts. It provides an opportunity to demonstrate success, value, and proficiency. Yet, the success of a pilot project is dependent upon several key characteristics.

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Less than one-quarter (25%) of small-medium businesses have heard about enterprise information management (EIM) and its components. Among those who have heard the term “enterprise information management”, over two-thirds said that they did not know what it meant, according to a recent survey that was conducted by a leading publication.

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This is the second in a series of articles on the Semantic Web and EIM. In this article I will discuss how the Semantic Web and semantic technologies can tie to your Information Architecture for a more holistic view of the enterprise, and for richer understanding and analysis of data resources.

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