Volumn 4, Issue 2 - July 2010

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Challenging EIM Issues Ahead
By Mark Mosley

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is finally getting increased attention from CIO’s and other business leaders. Executives see the value of a shared partnership with the business and the importance of data stewardship and data governance. The field of information management is maturing, and many organizations are making remarkable progress towards managing information as an enterprise asset.

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Whenever you are embarking on a lengthy adventure to a location you haven’t been, it always starts with some high level planning. When planning my vacations, once I have an idea of where I want to go and whether it is feasible, I typically start planning the various approaches to travel, the high level events I am excited about, and then factor in costs/budgets. This exercise usually starts with 15 or 20 things on a list and ends up with about 6 – 8. Those 6 or 8 are the events I can actually attend.

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Many organizations have begun to explore the need for an enterprise data management strategy to leverage the value of the data and information they collect, store, use and propagate. In addition, executives have started to see the increased compliance and regulatory requirements as a call for more (or better understood) data within the organization.

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