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Volume 3, Issue 8 - August/September 2009
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Monthly Columnists

Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.

As information management becomes more important to organizations, many are struggling with coordinating the components of EIM (meta data management, data governance, enterprise data management and architecture, data and information quality, data warehousing and business intelligence, etc.). Many of these components are practiced in different departments or divisions and the staff that support them may reside in the business areas or in the information technology unit. How can the activities of all these components be coordinated and the best practices be disseminated and replicated across an enterprise? One successful solution is the creation and sustainment of an Information Management Center of Excellence.

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Sid Adelman

How Data-Driven Marketing Can Fix A Broken Business Model Your customer interactions are increasingly affecting your brand. As a marketer, what kind of control do you have over these touchpoints and should you allocate marketing funds to improve the customer experience? Your company as a whole needs to take a step back and (re)evaluate its measures of success. Considering your customers’ newfound leverage, Lifetime value (LTV) should be at the top of the list.

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Bruce Johnson

Last month I introduced one part of analytics governance – the high level concept of providing business warehouse oversight to the content stored in a data warehouse, mart, or other analytical database. Key areas of business content oversight included: data mapping and profiling, meta data content, data acceptance, meta data acceptance, data quality assurance, and organizational alignment.

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Letter From The Editor

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