Volume 3, Issue 6 - June 2009 Edition

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All right, you’re tired of reading about and listening to lectures on the importance of data quality. But yet, your organization hasn’t done much about it. This column is another shot that will allow you to take the message to management because without, first their understanding and then their commitment, nothing will happen of any significance.

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The ability of your infrastructure to grow with the needs and usage of your solution is what defines it as being scalable. Most architects are comfortable with how to appropriately select and implement hardware for our solutions that is scalable. Data warehousing and analytics involve users getting access to information to perform analysis where it may be impossible to predict the various ways they will use it and the various metrics they will need. Once a user sees information and is able to analyze that information effectively, it typically generates many more questions that you couldn’t have predicted beforehand.

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Never before has the management of data been so important to organizations. Gartner estimates that about 25% of all development and enhancement efforts fail due to a lack of meta data or business requirement clarity. How companies manage their requirements gathering is integral to their system development and project management methodologies – and shows the need for effective data governance.

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Letter From The Editor

This month we are keeping it simple.  With over 25% of all development and enhancement efforts failing this month’s EIMInsight Magazine looks at a few ways to get back to the basics and to strive for success.  Sid Adelman gives you one more opportunity to effectively speak to management about their understanding of the need and their commitment to a project’s success.  Bruce Johnson answers the question on how to make a data model and solution scalable with the user’s needs and finally, Anne Marie Smith looks at the need for effective data governance.

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