Volume 2, Issue 8 - December 2008 Edition

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The Challenges Of Healthcare Information Management In 2009
By Ron Schrimp

In today’s world of information overload, finding the right data strategy can be a critical and daunting task; for health plans, the challenge balloons. More so than other types of business, managed care organizations collect massive amounts of information. With that challenge, comes a commensurate opportunity to organize and use the data constructively.

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Diseases are named either after the doctor who discovers the disease (Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s) or after the unfortunate patient on whom the disease or disorder is diagnosed (there is an Eastern European curse, “May you have a disease named after you.”). Baron von Munchausen was unfortunate enough to have given his name to a debilitating disorder. His disorder was psychological. He believed he had a variety of diseases and in fact displayed the symptoms of those diseases but with no underlying illness. His legacy is the Munchausen Syndrome.

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Many organizations are examining the concepts of data governance and planning to implement a data governance program. Some organizations are concerned that a formal enterprise data governance program will take many months to implement and may not deliver tangible business value quickly enough to satisfy leadership. Other organizations may be troubled by the problems reported with large governance programs and would like to implement a more tactically focused data governance process. A new approach that addresses both these sets of concerns could be called “Iterative Data Governance”.

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Are you looking at purchasing or selecting a data warehouse related toolset – BI, ETL, Data Profiling, etc…? Organizations often burn lots of time and energy trying to figure out what tools, software, and hardware they want to run their data warehouse and analytics on. Most of the various tools and components can be quite expensive to build and support, so I can understand the concern that they feel for making sure they spend their money wisely.

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The December issue of EIMInsight Magazine wraps up the year with a feature article by Ron Schrimp, Vice President and Chief Enterprise Architect for Ingenix.  Ron uses his healthcare experience to discuss the need to find the right data strategy and shares the componencts of a 3-year Enterprise Migration Model (EMM).  Sid Adelman and Bruce Johnson focus on crucial aspects of any Data Warehousing projects and Anne Marie Smith continues to focus on the importance of Data Governance.

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