Volume 2, Issue 2 - May 2008 Edition

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What’s In YOUR Data Architecture?” Part One
By Mark Mosley

A popular credit card commercial asks, “What’s in YOUR wallet?” I’ve been asking a similar question of data architects at several different organizations – “What’s in YOUR data architecture?”

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Service oriented architecture (SOA) is one of the hottest buzzwords in information technology (IT) today. Indeed, it is difficult to pick up any IT related magazine and not discover three, four or more articles on this topic. However, while a good number of senior executives are clamoring for SOAs, I find that there is a great deal of misinformation on this topic and even less knowledge on what it truly takes to implement this environment.

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A data warehouse project manager’s job is beset with worst practice traps just waiting for the unwary project manager to fail. You don’t have to fall prey to these traps. We have seen them all, and a few more. We know where and what they are. Read on, recognize and avoid these worst practices and you may be one of the clever few who will successfully implement a data warehouse.

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Last month we went through part II of a three part series designed to outline criteria for staffing a data warehouse program within a corporation. Part I focused on breaking down the various roles, thoughts on how to organize those resources, and considerations for handling support and development. Part II dealt with key concepts for building a right-sized organization targeted towards the unique needs of your organization.

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Models are created not only to represent the business needs of an application but also to depict the business information needs of an entire organization. An enterprise model, which is comprised of one or more subject area models, is used to document the process and data for an organization, business or enterprise and serves as the point of planning and integration for all information systems management.

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Letter From The Editor

The May issue of EIMInsight Magazine contains articles written independently of one another, yet coherently present an overview of the state of the art of current trends in Enterprise Information Management, and pitfalls to avoid. David Marco leads off with an eye- opening article on the critical intersection of Meta Data and Service Oriented Architecture. Anne Marie Smith addresses succinctly the issues, do’s and don’ts of Enterprise Data Modeling, and Sid Adelman informs us of our most human of shortcomings in his “Worst Practices” article. Bruce Johnson concludes his popular series on staffing a Data Warehouse and Mark Mosely asks, “What’s in YOUR data architecture.”


These articles provide real world insight necessary for understanding your Data and how to approach Enterprise Information within your organization, and its relationship to the your larger enterprise. I encourage you to visit our Library where you will have easy access to current and past columns.  To find an article written by one of our monthly columnists go to Meet The Experts, where we provide access to each columnist’s contributed EIMInsight articles.
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