Volume 1, Issue 9 - November 2007 Edition

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Mining and Refining:Metadata Exploitation to Increase the Real Value of Information
By Ian Rowlands

A number of significant trends are reshaping the metadata management landscape of the very near future. The changing nature of work itself is changing the metadata landscape. The rise of the knowledge worker and the emergence of new style collaboration tools will change deployment of metadata management and use of technologies. Increasing integration between IT and the enterprise will change the way metadata is used for the dynamic sharing of information. The emergence of metadata-driven business service management will add a new collection of sources to the metadata universe as well as new use cases.

Monthly Columnists

The balance sheet of most any Forbes Global 2000 company would show entries for assets such as property, cash, equipment, and accounts receivable. Unfortunately, one item that is not seen in the asset section of the balance sheet is data.

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This is the first of two columns on Data Warehouse Risks. The columns are excerpted from “Data Warehouse Project Management” by Sid Adelman and Larissa Moss, published by Addison Wesley. This article will provide you with the ability to identify the potential risks within your project and to address those risks before they become major problems.

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In a prior article, I attempted to outline the reasons for creating a vision for data governance within an organization. Since many strategic thinkers recommend developing a mission statement as well as a vision, it would be good to examine mission statements and their purposes.

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Building an analytical solution can be an arduous task. There are many factors that are required in order to deliver a successful solution. It takes good planning, a solid architecture and design, good setup and usage of your front end delivery tools, and validation that the data you have retrieved is accurate.

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Editor’s Letter

This month the EIMInstitute experts discuss and evaluate the value and importance data has within your organization.  The development, the innovative use of and the management of data, as key elements necessary for value added data.

The November issue also delves into understanding how data is an important asset to your organization and how to recognize the inherent risks and all the attendant horrors related to Data Warehousing.  We will provide you with insight on developing a mission statement for your data management activities as well as techniques to deal with Data Warehousing issues.

We hope that you find these articles helpful and encourage you to join EIMI.  It’s free and will provide you with a wealth of researchnow and in the future.  Articles are constantly added to the archives and resource portals, so join us now!

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