Volume 2, Issue 6 - October 2008 Edition

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Lessons Learned: Avoiding The Debate: “Who Is The Customer?”
By Andy Field

There has been ongoing debate exacerbated by the emergence of Database Marketing and its evolution into what is now called Customer Relationship Management (CRM) around the necessity to define who the customer is. Many organizations have had great difficulty answering this question. But as an EIM professional does it matter? – unless EIM is responsible for determining business policies then probably not. What EIM needs to deliver to the business is the capability to define a customer however they like, and to change the definition as often as they please.

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Many managers, developers, architects, and data modelers I have met have questions around the challenges and benefits of working with an abstract data model and database schema. The presence and exposure to abstract models has grown significantly in the last 10 years. However, most education on these types of models seems to come from vendors who either sell a product that runs on such a model or provide a service that is dependent on proving the value of an abstract model.

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As the United States (USA) selects a new president and chooses from candidates for other offices, many thoughts may turn to the role of politics in data governance.

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Not every data warehouse project will initially be cost justified. Many have been implemented without really knowing how much they will cost. Many will be authorized without even estimating the potential benefits. Projects are often started because a sponsor has the need for information and has the budget.

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Letter From The Editor

This month, EIMInsight Magazine covers a variety of topics including a second article by Andy Field on the need for EIM to provide a solution that allows a business to define its customers in many different ways.  Anne Marie Smith discusses enterprise politics and its effects on governance, Bruce Johnson outlines Abstract Models and Sid Adelman reviews the cost justifications of data warehouse projects.

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